Implementing Growth Stacking to Your Everyday Business

Founder and CEO Alex Duta gives a detailed breakdown of how to help elevate your business by implementing growth stacking, it's a concept that if done correctly you can see results on a weekly basis.

From TV News Reporter to Working for a Restoration Technology Startup : A Modern Day Love Story

A MODERN DAY LOVE STORY: From TV News Reporter > Restoration Tech Startup If someone asked me today to describe what I do for a living in a simple way, I would say, “I work for an industry that repairs

The 7 Habits of Effective Restorers

Albi founder and CEO Alex Duta breaks down the 7 effective habits that have proven to be successful for restorers and entrepreneurs.

Osha Laws & Regulations & the Importance of Compliance

If your a restoration business owner, you should be familiar with OSHA, or the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA). If you're newer to restoration or interested in learning more about protecting your employees, we will discuss some critical regulations and

Why is ROI Tracking Valuable to Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

There's 5 steps in building a digital marketing strategy. This can help you track your ROI

September & October

Release Notes Update: 🗓 09/01/2022- 10/01/2022   What’s New Desktop? Drybook summary Ability to use Albi as their primary financial system unless they already use a different program we integrate with. Ability to create and send invoices Ability to add/receive payments

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