What is

And where does the name come from?

Meet our

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Alex Duta (CEO)

Alex is a former co-founder of an 8 figure fire & water restoration company based out of Chicago, IL, starting out of his father's garage. Alex is passionate for the insurance damage restoration industry and aside from Albi, currently travels the country teaching restorers how to scale their restoration businesses. Alex is also an Xactimate Certified Trainer.

Shamoil Soni (CTO)

Shamoil is a well versed full stack senior developer. He spent his professional life working his way up through a software market leader in the assisted living industry. Shamoil specializes in building efficient software systems and manages the entire engineering department at Albiware.

March 1st 2020

Alex & Shamoil partner up and hire Albi's team of developers.

October 15th 2020

Albi officially launches to market for their first 5 Beta customers! 

January 1st 2021

Albi launches officially to the market and onboards its first non-Beta clients! 

Our long-term vision:

To be the first in the SAAS market with actual "AI".

Many existing companies claim they have “AI”; however, they are referring to basic data algorithms. Albi is the first software with a data model structure designed for AI. Albi actually actively listens for data by:

What Does "Albi" Mean?

A lot of clients and prospects ask “Why Albi?”. Albi is a name very dear to us here with a lot of meaning.

When they were coming up with the name of their new venture, Shamoil and Alex were looking for a female futuristic name to incorporate with their future AI mission.

As they were bouncing around names, Albi stuck stuck out to them. 2 years ago Alex made a promise to the mother of his soulmate in a letter while she was on her death bed that he would take care of her daughter, protect her, and be there for her.

“Alby” was her nickname. She was innovative – the only one out of 7 sisters that took the initiative to get her driver’s license. She raised her 3 children alone, was passionate about what she did and loved helping people. She was a strong believer in social responsibility and helping others.

The name still lives with us today – we need more people in the world like her.  Albi is an innovative product; it listens to the behaviors of employees and reports back on that. Albi will be the first product with advanced AI in the restoration industry. Albi is a product created by a passion for change.

Both founders have spent sleepless nights on top of their daily 9-5 jobs to create something different. Both founders have a prior history of passion within the restoration and software industries.

They harbor a passion for meaningful change. Here at Albi we believe in social responsibility. We put the well being of our clients, employees, and vendors before our profits.