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A complete guide with real life examples of an automated restoration customer journey from start to finish! Once it's set up, you can keep all referral parties, customers, and staff members in the loop every step of the way, automatically!

Automated Customer Text & Email Templates

Keep your customers, referral parties, and staff in the loop every step of the way!

Be Proactive with your Customers!

Encourage your customers to provide complaints & praise throughout the process, not at the end!

Gather Standardized Feedback!

Survey your customers about their experience and gather the same questions from each customer!

We had success.
So will you!

Restoration Automation

Quickly enhances your customer experience!

"At our restoration company, we spent hours a week calling customers and referral parties to keep them in the loop with “24 hour calls” which most went to voicemail. Now, information is communicated effectively, in a convenient manner, and the customer is encouraged to speak up of any issues. " - Alex Duta, Co-Founder of Romexterra Fire and Water Restoration
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