restorers hate software

Restorers HATE Software!

It’s incredible to see the number of software offerings popping up throughout the damage restoration industry. Each piece of software comes with its pros and cons and serves a specific niche within the overall industry. While speaking with thousands of restorers throughout Albi demos personally, I have come to the conclusion that restorers HATE software!


A lot of restorers purchase software and expect the software to have all the bells and whistles and have their employees input the most granular data ever in an effort to make proper business decisions. However, when they begin implementing, they realize that the thousands of bells and features are overwhelming and feel like they need a full-time IT person to handle their software needs!

The Restoration Technology Partner

Instead of software, restorers ultimately need a technology partner. They need an organization that will listen and understands their operational problems, craft solutions for those problems, and implement them for the restorer.

Restorers need someone to talk to. They need to have the ability to pick up the phone, text, email, or send smoke signals for help when situations arise. They cannot rely solely on “submit a ticket here, and we’ll get back to you in 72 days” like typical software solutions.

Restorers need a fellow restorer to pave the way and understand the uniqueness of restoration as a whole; someone they can strategize with who’s experienced similar challenges to theirs and solved those with technology.

Restorers need a technology partner that understands why things go wrong if they go wrong, not software that always blames them when things go wrong.

They need a technology partner that can be turnkey and ready to go, not software that takes months to years to implement.

Restorers need a relationship that lasts a lifetime, not software that locks them into a contract they cannot get out of.

This is why we’ve built Albi – the restoration industry’s first technology partner. We’re not just software. We’re a team of restorers and software engineers backed by the largest financial institutions in the U.S. on a mission to become the restoration technology partner of the future!

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