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Restoration Marketing Boot camp

We Had Success and So will you!

Topics covered:

May 2nd – 4th, 2022 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Romexterra Fire & Water Restoration Inc. 754 Annoreno Drive, Addison, IL, 60101. And Online via Zoom!

Any restoration contractor that does not service the Northern IL market. 

This 3-day seminar is meant to help restorers start with a basic understanding of restoration marketing and work towards proficiency by day #3. By the end of this course, you will walk out with a Sales & Marketing plan that will help you surpass your sales and marketing goals for 2022, guaranteed! 

Alex unveils some secrets behind how he scaled an independent restoration company to over 8 figures and will be releasing “Restoration Marketing 2.0”.

Q&A Session with an insurance agent about the motives behind referring a restoration contractor.

Q&A Session with a plumber about the motives behind referring a restoration contractor. 

Thursday, December 3rd , network with fellow restorers at Chama Gaucha Brazilian steakhouse! Food & Drinks included! 

The opportunity to tour a Romexterra Fire and Water restoration and ask all of the questions you’d like! Who knows- maybe you’ll walk away with a multi-million dollar business idea! 

About the Host!

Alex Duta, Author of “From $0 to $3 Million Through Relationship Marketing”, is a passionate restorer who co-founded a fast growing, 8 figure restoration company within the Chicagoland market. As a young entrepreneur, he loves to find new ways to solve the challenges restorers may have. After aggressively growing the restoration company, Alex set out to launch a CRM & Job Management software, Albi. While marketing and branding that he realized that restorers are missing out on Sales & Marketing “GOLD” that other industries used and developed the “Relationship Marketing 2.0” program! 

Bonus Networking Night!

The highest value of any restoration event is through sharing successes and failures with our peers! All attendees are invited to join us at Chama Gaucha Brazillian Steakhouse on Friday Dec. 9th! Food and drinks on Albi! 

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