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Restoration Growth Hack Webinar: TPA Vs. Independent
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Growing and Scaling a restoration company is extremely difficult! Trying to decide on whether to engage in vendor work can be a difficult decision. In the webinar, we will be unpacking the pros and cons from two individuals who have had tremendous success with both vendor and non-vendor work. 

Alex Duta claims you can still be successful without entirely depending on TPAs, while Mike Brill argues that it’s a beneficial investment in the long run.

Find out who brings up the best points in this EPIC debate! We also want to hear from you too!

What are your thoughts? Are you pro vendor work?

Presenting at this webinar...

Alex Duta (Anti TPA Panelist)

Alexandru (Alex) Duta is a restoration entrepreneur and co-founder of an 8-figure restoration company out of Chicago and Albiware, a restoration job management software. Alex is also an Xactimate Certified trainer. His passion is helping others grow their restoration businesses through efficiency and social responsibility. 

Mike Brill (Pro TPA Panelist)

Mike Brill has been a restorer for the past 20 years. He started out owning a Rainbow International franchise and had a successful exit. After that, Mike has spent the past decade in upper management roles within Chicago land’s largest restoration companies. Mike believes that a lot of restorers simply don’t know how to effectively leverage TPAs. 

Chris Laney (Moderator)

Chris has been in the restoration industry since 1999. He began his career working for Stanley Steemer of Fort Wayne and eventually worked his way up to founding Water Out of Fort Wayne. Chris is a passionate restorer and also an instructor at the Dewald Academy of Drying. We are honored to have him moderate this debate between Alex and Mike. 

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