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🚨🚨Attention Restoration Contractors!🚨🚨 Do you feel stressed because of your company's cash flow?😰 Do you struggle to get paid faster?πŸ˜” Is your bottom line taking a direct hit? πŸ˜–
If you're looking for the answers to these questions, look no further. 😏 Albiware CEO Alex Duta understands the struggle because he faced it too. But he managed to turn it around and successfully scale a restoration business from $0 in revenue to over eight figures. He managed to do this by better understanding the cash v. accrual accounting principle and, more importantly, how turn-on receivables impact cash flow.
In this guide, we take a deep dive into understanding the concept of accounts receivable and how you can turn your business around by knowing how to calculate it. This guide will help you understand your company's cash flow better and will help protect your bottom line! πŸ‘

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Businesses that maintain accounts receivables are essentially extending interest-free loans to their customers, since accounts receivable is money owed without interest. The longer it takes a business to collect on its credit, the more money it loses." - Alex Duta, Founder of Albiware

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