Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi

Dash by Next Gear Solutions is undoubtedly the most well-known Restoration Job Management Software out there! Albi is the “new kid on the block” that is innovating much-needed functionality built by restoration contractors for restoration contractors. That being said, Albi is not always the best fit for everybody. Let’s take a deep look at “Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi” and how both restoration job management systems stack up and which one is right for you! 

Innovation over time:

Dash has been in the market since 2007 and is close to the same Dash that even the old-timers know. Aside from a few new features like Pro-Assist and a couple of integrations, Dash users have not seen many new features and functionality come out. 

On the other hand, in two years, Albi has not only built functionality that replaces Dash but also came out with time-saving unique features such as their phone system is directly integrated. 


Looking at Capterra reviews, the most popular software review site,  Dash has a 2.9-star rating. 

On Capterra, Albi has a 4.5-star rating.

What’s unique about Capterra is that only verified users can place a review. 


Dash has been closed off integration-wise until the last couple of years. However, now they offer various integrations like Matterport and Xactware. 

While Albi has not been able to acquire a Xactimate integration yet, Albi has an open API, which integrates with Quickbooks Online, Zapier, Company Cam, Encircle, Kahi, and much more. 


Albi is plug and play.  There are multiple training sessions included with the free onboarding if you wish to get more. Albi also offers a “white glove onboarding” which allows the end-user to have everything set up for them professionally. Data transfer is free from other software. 

Dash offers a paid white-glove onboarding experience as their only way of entering into the software. This takes an average of 4-5 sessions prior to going “live”. Data transfer from another system is an additional cost. 


Both Dash and Albi have powerful reporting capabilities and Dashboards. Dash’s dashboards and reports are not customizable. The end-user will have to use the reports and metrics from Dash’s library.

Albi allows users to create custom dashboards and reports for what they deem important and critical for them. Albi also has a collection of prebuilt dashboards and reports that the user can choose to use. 


Dash has two packages: one at $500 per month (5 staff members max 25 projects) and another at $750 per month (unlimited staff members unlimited projects). 

They also have a $2,000 mandatory onboarding/set up fee.

Albi is $100 per user per month for the pro users (includes phone system and advanced reporting) and $60 per user per month for the base users. There is an optional $1500 advanced training package, however, basic training is included.

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Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi

The best conclusion for “Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi” is that Albi is great for companies with less than 10 users due to saving the need for an office phone system and also great for large companies looking for cutting edge technology in their toolbox.
Dash is great for medium-sized to large companies on a budget. Furthermore, Dash has built strong relationships with insurance carriers and become the “standard” for vendors and TPAs. 
If you’re a larger restoration company with a tight budget in mind, looking for mature software that forces staff into workflows and tasks, then Dash is the software for you! 
If you’re an early adopter of new technologies, want simply powerful innovative software, then Albi is the right place for you!
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