Restoration Manager is a well-known software used by a lot of companies in the restoration industry. To say the least it is owned by Verisk, Xactware’s parent company.  PSA has been in the market for a while and is well known by the restores in the field. Let’s take a look at “Restoration Manager vs PSA”.

Does Restoration Manager & PSA Have Integrations?


Restoration Manager has a limited amount of integrations. This can be quite a disadvantage, due to the fact that restoration companies need a platform to centralize all of their data for better decision making. They do, however, have a Xactimate integration.

PSA has been “slow” on the integration side. For a while, you could not integrate with other software. As of now, they have opened up and you can integrate with software such as  Matterport, Xactware, Quickbooks, and more. 

Mobile App

Restoration Manager Mobile App

Restoration Manager’s mobile app is very limited in doing. When you are out in the field what you want most is to have a friendly app that lets you gather all the information you need. The Restoration Manager mobile app is not that friendly since you have to do a lot of clicks in order to get where you want.

PSA Mobile App

PSA has a mobile app, that you can use when being out in the field. You can do a certain amount of things on the app compared to the laptop version. The mobile app does give you access to upload images, all though it has to be one by one. 


Restoration Manager Usability:

Restoration Manager takes a certain setup and time to get through the onboarding process. If you are a user of such software it does require you have the proper training. Why? If you are fully trained with Restoration Manager you will be able to use it 100% instead of only 60%. 

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PSA Usability:

PSA on the other hand has an easier display. You know where things are and can identify them easier. The training is still necessary for you to be able to walk through the system and better understand the available features.

Job Management Software Pricing Comparison

Restoration Manager Pricing:

Restoration Manager has a base price of $300 to $745 monthly fee. It does require you to have an annual contract. The mandatory onboarding fee is $3600.

PSA Pricing:

PSA has a base price of $325 for 5 users and then $5.25 per user extra. Onboarding has a setup fee which is mandatory for the price of $1500.

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