Our Story

Albi provides customers with the tools they need to build their business, protect their people, grow their profits, and get their precious time back.

About Albi Imagery

Built For Restorers, By Restorers

Albi was the brainchild of a restoration manager and a software developer. Alex Duta, CEO, helped turn his dad’s Chicago-based water and fire damage restoration business into a multi-million dollar company over seven years. He remembers, “During that time, we struggled to find the right tools–especially software platforms that united fieldwork, office work, and customer-facing documents. Like other restorers, we were trying to stay on top of invoicing, scheduling, keeping track of important information, and getting bogged down with the details of running a business”.

Alex realized there was a major gap in the industry and that developing restoration-specific management software offered the potential for efficiency and growth. Friend and software developer Shamoil Soni, CTO, helped Alex bring his idea to life, and Albi was founded in 2020.

Technology to Move the Industry Forward

At Albi, we believe the restoration industry should not be held back by its lack of resources. By creating tools to help manage risk, secure data, and increase profits, we strive to improve production and performance while reducing time spent on tasks. Our mission is to equip this industry with the resources it deserves and create a future where success is achieved through innovation.

Albi restoration management software makes it easy to streamline processes and automate everyday tasks. Having access to field and office work in one place gives people back the free time they need to focus on the important things in their lives. We strive to provide efficient and cost-effective tools tailored to our clients’ needs so that they can get the most out of their business operations.

What Does the Name Albi Mean?

Why Albi?


People often ask, “Why Albi?”. The company was named in honor of Alex’s mother-in-law, nicknamed “Alby;” her resilience, honesty, and philanthropy are the inspiration behind the name and ethos of Albi. 

Our vision and mission drive us forward in our goal to improve people’s lives within the restoration industry and beyond. We strive to create an international platform that connects everyone in the field, resulting in a more efficient and effective way of doing business.

We encourage everyone to experiment with innovative solutions, pushing ourselves to see what works. If we’re successful, it’s a great accomplishment! But if not, it’s an opportunity for us to learn and develop.

Through our product Albi, we have created a network that allows us to connect, develop skills, and grow our potential.

We believe in living with integrity. This means being honest and open with ourselves, our customers, partners, and all those we come into contact with.

We believe in being cognizant of the impacts we may have in our market and take responsibility over this.

We encourage each and every team member to ask “what if?” and to openly collaborate with one another.

Our History

March 2020

Alex & Shamoil partner up and hire Albi’s team of developers.

October 2020

Albi officially launches to market for their first 5 Beta customers!

January 2021

Albi launches officially to the market and onboards its first non-Beta clients!

February 2022

Albi is a prestigious YC Company. Y Combinator is an American technology startup accelerator.

September 2022

Albi closes a $2.8MM seed round of institutional capital.