DryBook 2.0

A field service software that effortlessly captures all the necessary documentation for restoration projects. Turn a pain point into a profit driver.

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The restoration industry faces a significant challenge: inadequate or inconsistent documentation, or sometimes none. This lack of proper documentation can result in delayed or unpaid compensation for your hard work. As a restorer, your goal is to grow and scale your business while reclaiming your valuable time. However, holding technicians accountable for gathering field documentation has proved to be a daunting task.


Albi’s updated version of DryBook changes the game entirely. With DryBook 2.0, say goodbye to those late nights spent on tedious paperwork. This cutting-edge solution combines marketing, sales, production, and collection all in one convenient place.

DryBook 2.0 allows technicians to document the job within the job management system easily, eliminating the need to toggle between apps. This app creates efficiencies for the restoration technicians and more consistent and thorough reporting for your business.


With the mobile technician-friendly app, you can easily create a dry plan, keep track of equipment, effortlessly track project status, and gain a comprehensive view of critical data points. Simplifying your data-gathering process results in detailed reports that can easily be sent to interested parties. Optimizing the time spent on creating comprehensive reports allows you get you paid by the insurance companies faster.


Field documentation should not only be easy but also give you the freedom to take back your time and scale your business. By using DryBook 2.0 as your field service app, you can empower your field technicians to be more independent, improve communications, and take accountability. The app creates a standardized workflow, performs quickly at the highest level, and provides more detailed reporting than ever.

Enhance your business operations with this all-in-one job management software that your competitors might not have tapped into yet.

DryBook 2.0 In Action

Key Product Features

Provide the insurance company with an accurate and detailed report summary, including property and project images.

Clearly define the damaged area by including information about rooms, class of damage, and relevant photos or sketches.

Establish specific locations in the damaged area to continuously monitor and ensure moisture levels decrease over time.

Keep a comprehensive record of on-site equipment, including the duration of their presence and removal dates, to provide and justify a history of equipment used.

Streamlining your workflow has never been easier! With our step-by-step process that promotes simplicity and consistency, you can efficiently complete your job in the shortest time possible. Our user-friendly documentation software enables proper labeling and validation for the insurance company’s reference.

Present moisture readings and dehumidifier readings in the form of visually appealing charts.

One App That Makes Every Job Profitable

Create Your Drying Plan

Create a schematic of the building, scan in your equipment and dehumidifiers, initiate your moisture points, get contracts signed within the app, and start a visit.

Document Your Visits

Easily gather daily moisture readings, take photos, monitor equipment, and more.

Create Progress Reports

The Albi DryBook 2.0 report enables you to communicate and justify your mitigation invoice to all relevant parties.

Get Paid for Your Work

Immediately notice the average increase in payment turnaround times.


In the updated version, we created a standardized workflow that leads to a better user experience. We’ve added dehumidifier readings, notes, and image history for specific sites, chambers, and moisture points that are now available immediately.

DryBook 2.0 is the first of its kind. While it’s not the first mobile field service app, it’s the only one that integrates into your job management system. You never have to juggle multiple apps again! You can market, sell, plan, estimate, document, and get paid for your job all in one place.

No! Albi DryBook 2.0 is much more than a photo app. It provides everything a restoration contractor needs to complete field documentation in one app: photos, floor plans, notes, equipment management, moisture readings, e-signatures, digital documents, and more. All of this information is input into reports that can be generated in minutes with all of the job details to document the loss, justify the work that was done, and get paid without resistance.

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