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Key Steps for Onboarding in Less Than a Week

Cowan Restoration Group, Australia’s largest restoration contractor, onboarded over 200 employees onto the Albi platform in less than 3 weeks! They were initially using Ops-Manager, a custom-built software they created. As they began to gain more business, problems started arising.

They realized their software was not only outdated, but it was slow and hard to use. The speed and user interface led to the loss of visibility and ability to respond to KPIs. Cowan knew that if they continued to use this obsolete tech, it would not only bring down the company morale but also reduce customer satisfaction and the company’s efficiency.

Cowan decided enough was enough and chose to replace their software with Albi. They knew the qualities they were looking for, like fast and easy-to-use software. Aside from saving time, Cowan knew choosing Albi would help them grow and scale faster while continuing to deliver top-tier customer service.

The results were astonishing! They were instantly able to see what areas of the business they needed to work on to be able to SCALE to the next level. Staff members quickly adopted the system as it was EASY TO USE.

Cowan Case Study

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