Why Albi?

Albi is a name very dear to us here with a lot of meaning.

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Our Vision

Bring REAL artificial intelligence (AI) to contractors.

Many existing platforms claim they have “AI”; however, they are referring to basic data algorithms. Albi is the first software for restoration companies with a data model structure designed for AI. Imagine a platform that actually thinks and learns. Albi will then highlight these critical areas that need attention, and give you immediate recommendations to improve your business.

What Does Albi Mean?

A lot of clients and prospects ask “Why Albi?”. Albi is a name very dear to us here with a lot of meaning. When they were coming up with the name of their new venture, Shamoil and Alex were looking for a female futuristic name to incorporate with their future AI mission.

As they were bouncing around names, Albi stuck out to them. 2 years ago Alex made a promise to the mother of his soulmate in a letter while she was on her deathbed that he would take care of her daughter, protect her, and be there for her.

“Alby” was her nickname. She was innovative – the only one out of 7 sisters that took the initiative to get her driver’s license. She raised her 3 children alone, was passionate about what she did, and loved helping people. She was a strong believer in social responsibility and helping others.

The name still lives with us today – we need more people in the world like her. Albi is an innovative product as a restoration project manager; it listens to the behaviors of employees and reports back on that. Albi will be the first product with advanced AI in the restoration industry. Albi is a product created by a passion for change.

Both founders have spent sleepless nights on top of their daily 9-5 jobs to create something different. Both founders have a prior history of passion within the restoration and software industries. They harbor a passion for meaningful change. Here at Albi, we believe in social responsibility. We put the well-being of our clients, employees, and vendors before our profits.

Our History

March 2020

Alex & Shamoil partner up and hire Albi’s team of developers.

October 2020

Albi officially launches to market for their first 5 Beta customers!

January 2021

Albi launches officially to the market and onboards its first non-Beta clients!

February 2022

Albi is a prestigious YC Company. Y Combinator is an American technology startup accelerator.

September 2022

Albi closes a $2.8MM seed round of institutional capital.