Restoration Growth Hack Webinar: 5 Steps to Automate Your Restoration Business

Customer satisfaction is a key priority for many restorers. An essential part of accomplishing this is being able to automate your business.

We are officially launching our monthly Webinar Growth Hack series. These are FREE monthly webinars covering all the hottest topics related to restoration!
In this particular episode, we covered the five steps restorers can take to automate their business. Just imagine how much free time you could gain if you put your business on autopilot.
Albiware CEO Alex Duta says this is a philosophy he’s used for his own business. It has given him more time to dedicate to different areas of his business.
We’ve asked restorers what their number one concern is. The majority say the topic that’s top of mind for them is customer satisfaction. One thing we can tell you is engaging with your customer and maintaining a relationship with them leads to customer satisfaction.
You can watch a quick recap video on the left-hand side highlighting some key takeaways from this webinar.
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  • Tools you can use to help make automation easier for you
  • Step-by-step process of creating your own SOP (standard operating procedure)
  • Setting up triggers and actions


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