Top 10 Objections Keeping You From Closing the Deal!

Storm restoration: Homeowner objections and proven answers.

man holding key entering door

Objections are part of every salesperson’s life, and door-to-door is no exception. I would even argue that in D2D they are even more prevalent. Interrupting someone’s day, it turns out, can be an objection in and of itself!

In my experience, about 70 percent of people whose doors I would knock on would be very guarded when they open the door. By that, I mean many people feel that innate reaction to say “no”; some might not even allow you to get a word in. At the same time, others will already know that no matter what you say, they will say no.

What if I told you, you could turn it around and not only get someone to listen but get them to say yes?

I’m an Account Executive at Albiware. My job now is to empower restoration professionals to embrace innovative technology so they achieve their dreams and scale their business. Before Albi, I was a top producer and sales manager for one of the biggest storm restoration companies in Illinois. I have a lifetime sales mark over $8 million in my five years doing D2D storm restoration sales.

Check out my list of the ten most common objections and simple responses to overcome (crush) each and to help build and scale your personal sales, sales team, or storm restoration business. These responses will assist you in turning around an objection and inking a deal.

10 Objections & Proven Responses

1) I already had someone come by and look at it. It’s fine.

Oh, I completely understand. Who was it that came by and looked at your roof? The main difference between an average roofer and me is that I am trained specifically in identifying hail damage. Finding hail is kind of our thing. Are you open to a second opinion?

2) You are the 6th person to come by.

Sorry about that. How can I be the last?! I want to introduce myself and my company because we do the most projects in the area.

3) My roof is fine.

I understand. Have you been up there to see if there is any hail damage? It can be hard to see without a trained eye. Why not let me look and see? The worst case is that you have peace of mind that your roof is fine, AND I won’t knock on your door again!

4) I already called my insurance. It is taken care of.

Of course, no big deal. I am here, and the reason I have a job is that sometimes, not all the time, insurance companies deny legitimate claims. It’s our job to keep the insurance accountable—for example, some folks in town have already gotten denied or paid only for simple repairs. It is best to have someone there to advocate for you.

5) It sounds interesting, but my wife/husband is not home right now.

Oh right! No worries never want to make a big decision without the other half on board. Is there a good time for me to return when you are both here? I would love to sit down with the three of us and discuss any questions you might have.

6) I don’t want my rates to go up.

***State law protects you from having your rates raised individually. Hail and Wind are considered an “act of God.” However, their way around this law is by raising the rates in a zip code. So regardless of whether you file a claim, you will be paying for everyone else’s roofs! Therefore, it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity here.

***Check your state laws first to make sure this is true.

7) I don’t have money.

Perfect! I am not after your money. I am after your insurance’s money. May I ask what insurance carrier you have and how much your deductible is? Often, I can move ACV monies such as gutters, awnings, fascia, and other cosmetically damaged items to the deductible.

8) I need bids/estimates.

I understand. Is that what your insurance asked you to do? If I may, I just want to educate you on that. Getting estimates and bids is a tactic the insurance uses to try to drive down the price of the claim. For example: say your claim was going to be $10,000 according to your insurance’s estimate. Well, if you get Joe Schmo roofing to do it for $7,000, there is no extra money. The insurance just pays what it costs to replace the roof. Many sacrifice quality work and materials because they get other local roofing companies starving for work to undercut each other for it.

9) I don’t do business with companies who solicit knocking on doors.

Hey, I understand that. May I offer a different perspective? The reason I am at your door is that this is how I put food on the table for my family. I am here to earn your business, not wait for the phone to ring. Believe me when I tell you, my phone still rings just as much as the other guys – but I don’t settle for that business alone. They may be sitting by the pool right now, waiting for the phone to ring while I am sweating in this heat so that I can earn your business. Who do you think cares more about your project, them or me?

10) That storm wasn’t big enough to damage our roof.

You know, I hear that a lot, and I get it. Since your roof is 10+ years old, it doesn’t take very large hail to damage it. I have gotten dozens of roofs approved on this storm date, even though it was only 1-inch hail. Would it be fair to let me take a look and see if you qualify?

Objections are a part of any sales role, but with the right information and training, any objection can be conquered. I hope this guide provides some quick tips on how to overcome some of the more common objections. Happy hunting!