Release Notes Update: 02/01/2022

Release notes for what's new on Desktop, Bug Fixes, and Mobile.

February 2021 Release Notes with Albi logo

What’s New Desktop?

  • Ability to create and manage work orders

  • Ability to create and manage purchase orders

  • Added “Bulk Delete” for estimate items

  • Ability to create custom relationship statuses

  • Ability to use relationship status on organizations and contacts

  • Ability to add Company Logo under company setting

Bug Fixes:

  • Android camera stability improvements and bug fixes

  • Drybook bug fix to show equipment and moisture points after completing sketch on chamber summary

  • Bug fix that caused the app to crash fix when opening the vehicle page

  • Bug fix that caused the app to crash sometimes when opening the project’s basic information

  • Bug fix that prevents auto-selection of using customer address on an existing customer with an address when creating a new project

  • Android bug fix when sending email from mobile app

  • Android bug fix preventing selection of wall length in drybook

What’s New Mobile?

  • Remove the requirement for a deductible amount when creating a new project when the project is a covered loss

  • Ability to select a reading date when creating new moisture point readings in drybook

  • Correct image capture orientation issues when taking landscape and reverse portrait pictures

  • Improved UI layout for Android drybook sketching

  • Improved UI experience to show loading when scrolling through lists

  • Improved project search responsiveness

  • Changed the project detail page’s status change slider to a drop-down