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How one restoration company went from $0 to $3 Million of a new service offering in one year by harnessing the power of relationship marketing. This ebook will walk you through step-by-step on how to dominate your marketplace being a completely independent restorer!

Relationship Marketing V. Online

The difference between the two marketing strategies and when to choose one over another!

Calculating Restoration Market Share!

A complete exercise that helps you understand just how big the restoration market is in your area!

Deploying a relationship marketing plan!

Step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to have great success in your market!

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Restoration Online Marketing

Quickly Reaches Diminishing Returns!

"I vividly recall conversations with our digital marketing company where we were bickering over why our 40k a month budget was not producing more than our 20k budget. I quickly realized that we had reached a point of diminishing returns -- marketing costs were pushing over 17% and were the greatest chunk of our overhead overall. Keep in mind that at the time we didn’t do any roofing; it was all mitigation and reconstruction, where overhead is high as-is. It was definitely frustrating." - Alex Duta, Co-Founder of Romexterra Fire and Water Restoration
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