Albi & Zapier Integration

Automation in 3 simple steps! :

Albi trigger

Step 1: Select a trigger within Albi or another app!

Triggers are essentially the condition on which an automated work flow begins. For example: When a project changes its status to “scheduled” or when a new project is created in Albi. When these conditions are met the second step of “actions” occur. 

Step 2: Select an Action Event

Select the action event you’d like to occur when the criteria of the trigger is met. Actions can be in Albi (creating tasks, contacts, projects, notes, etc), or they can be in the 2000+ apps that integrate within Zapier! The opportunities are endless! 

Albi Action
Zapier Integration

Step 3: Test and Turn on!

Test your Zapier automation to make sure everything is going as planned with one click! Then flip the switch to turn the automation on! It’s that easy! 

Albi & Zapier Integration

Don't know where to start? With our Albi Automation package, we can build and manage your automations for you!

We know that fancy technology can be overwhelming at times. You can learn how to build automations yourself with our white glove onboarding, or you have the option of us managing them all for you! The opportunities are endless! Whether you want an automated gift card going out to a referrer thanking them for sending you business or a handwritten note, your account manager can build and manage the solution for you! 



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