Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we receive!

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There are no yearly contracts unless you are opting for a custom enterprise restoration pricing plan that has a yearly discount involved. We believe that it is our responsibility to keep innovating and keep our customers around as opposed to locking them into large commitments.

$500 is the monthly minimum subscription required through any user type combination.

Your account executive who shows you around the product will be able to consult you as to which product fits you best. If you’re in doubt, you can always try the free training first before purchasing white glove.

Very secure! We use Microsoft as our core technology and storage stack. In fact, we were still up and running when the major Facebook and half the internet outage occurred!

Unlimited! Documents, photos, videos, contacts, projects, etc.

The minimum possible number of users is 5 with the Pro subscription, however, you can use any combination of user types to achieve the $500 monthly minimum subscription.

You sure can! Our restoration management system solutions allow you to have however many pro users and base users you would like. You can also restrict permissions to different users, granting them access to different parts of the software.

Our average time to a support ticket is 7 minutes or less!

Since we have an open API we can integrate with a huge number of applications, including over 500 with Zapier alone. We also have native integrations with more of the industry standard applications, like QuickBooks, EagleView, Encircle and CompanyCam just to name a few.

Albi stands as the sole platform with a sharp focus on products and a contractor-centric approach, dedicated exclusively to the field of restoration. Our mission is to empower restoration contractors with innovative technology by making it easy and accessible! We will achieve our mission by adding more value to our products for our clients. Our product roadmap is created directly from our client feedback.