Call Booking & Recording

Never miss a single project again! With our call recording functionality you can document all of your interactions seamlessly and easily! Don’t you wish you could have a recording to send when an adjuster, client, employee, or subcontractor uses the common phrase “I didn’t say that”?


Easily change almost anything in the software!

The biggest frustration encountered in software is being stuck “inside a box”. We understand that and we’ve built Albi to be easily customizable by the end user.

Want more customization? Reach out to our team! We can provide a quote on custom solutions built specifically for your company’s need.

project view

Powerful Dashboards

Quickly check project compliance

With a quick scan you can tell if your projects are in compliance or not. The traditional “traffic light” system warns users about their projects and gives feedback on their compliance status.

All stages and compliance factors are fully customizable to your company!

Contactless Equipment tracking

Never lose a single piece of equipment again!

A one-time install of  Bluetooth beacons on important pieces of equipment will track your equipment for life! No scanning, manual inventory, or spreadsheets required! 

Albi listens for the last known location of your equipment and knows when it leaves your trucks, warehouse, or projects!

Digital Signatures

Send virtually any document for e-signature!

With Albi you can pre-populate templated documents with information from your jobs and send them out for e-signature automatically, or mark up any pdf from your computer manually and send it to a client for a digital signature!

We'd love to show you around!

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sales dashboard

All-Inclusive CRM

Keep track of all your customers and referrers in one place, see who your top salespeople are, monitor marketing activity, and know where your leads are coming from. You can even create tracking phone numbers for your advertising campaigns.

Albi listens for phone calls, emails, and route stops automatically and reports back – no manual input needed!

Email Integration

Albi listens to your current email for key things – such as the customer you’re emailing and the project you’re referring to – and pulls those emails into the project timeline instantly!

No more “forwarding”, tagging your email, having to write a code in the subject line, or “”. Just business as usual.

financials view

Financial Integration with Quickbooks

Track your COGS, invoices, and payments from one screen. Create full transparency within your team without giving everyone full access to your books.

When a project gets created in Albi it instantly gets created in QuickBooks. When expenses are added in QuickBooks, they are automatically added in Albi.

File Manager

Unlimited file storage

Store and organize all of your project files in one place. Create required project files that each job must have, and a send out digital signatures with a click of a button!

file manager