Manage All of Your Projects In 4 Steps

1. Create
1. Create

Capture all the critical information needed to ensure your project flows smoothly. This includes: All Customer Information, Referral Information, Insurance Information, Assigned Staff Members, and more.

2. Document
2. Document

Complete documentation all in one place: Phone Call Recordings, Emails, Notes, Photos, Contracts, Moisture Logs, and more.

3. Package
3. Package

Create custom PDF reports with all critical documentation to send to materially interested parties.

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4. Get Paid
4. Get Paid

After you follow the process on each job successfully, you are ready to get paid, close the file, and move on to the next job!

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With innovative features, an intuitive interface, and powerful reporting.

Complete Mobile App

An easy, yet powerful way to access all your restoration needs in the field! You can easily manage everything from the palm of your hand.

Call Tracking/Recording

Never miss a call again! With our powerful call forwarding, your team can answer calls even whilst out of office! Tired of hearing the common phrase "I didn't say that" when speaking to an adjuster? All your calls will be recorded and stored under each job file to boost accountability.

Moisture Mapping

Harness the ability to create onsite digital psychometric readings. Sketch rooms, add moisture points, create a report, and send it to the adjuster all in a few clicks!

Digital Signatures

Gone are the days of pen and paper! Get on-sight signatures directly from your clients at no extra cost!

Email Integration

Send and receive emails directly from Albi! All emails will be automatically pulled in and stored under each job file the second you send them!

File Manager

Organizing your files has never been easier. Store and manage unlimited files all in one place. Create custom documentation reports and send them to adjusters or customers seamlessly.

Why have a mobile app if it doesn't do everything the desktop does

Robust Reporting & Insights

Create and design reports that track crucial KPIs unique to your business. Filled with default templates too!

Kanban Scheduler

Visually depict work stages using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process

Personalize Job Information

Customize job information to fit the way YOU do business, because no two restoration businesses are alike

Intuitive Dashboards

Impactful information immediately at your fingertips to understand the effect on your bottom line

Automate Your Business

If you can dream it, you can automate it! Automate your workflows and integrate with thousands of app through our Zapier integration.

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Never Skip A Beat

Create timelines and tasks to make sure things never fall through the cracks.

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Call Booking & Recording

Never miss a single project again! With our call recording functionality you can document all of your interactions seamlessly and easily! Don’t you wish you could have a recording to send when an adjuster, client, employee, or subcontractor uses the common phrase “I didn’t say that”?

Digital Signatures

Send virtually any document for e-signature!

With Albi you can pre-populate template documents with information from your jobs and send them out for e-signature automatically, or mark up any pdf from your computer manually and send it to a client for a digital signature!

Powerful Dashboards

Quickly check project compliance

With a quick scan you can tell if your projects are in compliance or not. The traditional “traffic light” system warns users about their projects and gives feedback on their compliance status. All stages and compliance factors are fully customizable to your company!

Contactless Equipment tracking

Never lose a single piece of equipment again!

A one-time install of Bluetooth beacons on important pieces of equipment will track your equipment for life! No scanning, manual inventory, or spreadsheets required! Albi listens for the last known location of your equipment and knows when it leaves your trucks, warehouse, or projects!

Email Integration

Albi listens to your current email for key things – such as the customer you’re emailing and the project you’re referring to – and pulls those emails into the project timeline instantly! No more “forwarding”, tagging your email, having to write a code in the subject line, or “”. Just business as usual.


Easily change almost anything in the software!

The biggest frustration encountered in software is being stuck “inside a box”. We understand that, and we’ve built Albi to be easily customizable by the end user. Want more customization? Reach out to our team! We can provide a quote on custom solutions built specifically for your company’s need.

File Manager on Each Project!

Store and organize all of your project files in one place. Create required project files that each job must have, and a send out digital signatures with a click of a button!

Spend less time trying to get paid for jobs, and more time finishing jobs

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