Albi Autopilot

Meet your automated restoration management solution.

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Discover What You Can Do With the Extra Time You Free Up!

You can save thousands of hours a year by automating your restoration business. Perhaps sending an automated email or text message.

Your employees will be happier knowing that they’re not completing boring & tedious tasks.

Repetitive tasks often slip through the cracks as they’re not the most enjoyable. Albi’s automation package can help ensure that they get done. Weather they’re automated emails & texts to keep materially interested parties in the loop, or automated post cards sent to referral sources thanking them for the leads sent, Albi can handle them all!

In today’s digital world, customers prefer text messages & emails they can respond to on their own time more than interrupting phone calls. With automated communication every step of the way you can gather customer feedback and guide customers through your process in volume.

Automated restoration businesses are worth more than non-automated ones. You can increase your EBITA multiple by 1-2 points if you automate your restoration business with Albi!

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