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Additional Ways to Boost Revenue like Never Before

Albi's superior CRM and automated workflows will impress insurance agents and plumbers, leading to more referrals for your organization. Plus, our platform empowers project managers to stay on top of leads, resulting in higher closing rates. With Albi, you can generate two additional jobs every month, up to a whopping $192,000 annually.

What is the R.E.A.L Framework?

  • Revenue
  • Efficiency
  • Avoidance
  • Lift


Albi provides a range of exceptional tools to help restorers increase their revenue. Our superior restoration CRM system sets us apart from others in the industry. We offer automated text message and email workflows that please insurance agents and plumbers throughout the process. This satisfaction leads to more referrals to your organization compared to others. 

Furthermore, our platform empowers project managers to keep track of leads, resulting in a significant increase in closing rates for restorers. With streamlined accessibility from mobile and web apps, Albi enables restoration contractors to generate two more jobs monthly, surpassing any other available platform. 

Considering an average job size of $8000, this amounts to $16,000 per month, which adds up to a value of $192,000 per year when using Albi to boost revenue—Trust Albi to help you realize your organization’s potential and drive success in the restoration industry.


Albi aimed to improve efficiency by consolidating all operations into a single platform. Previously, we used multiple apps, resorting to manual notes and paperwork, which hurt productivity. However, we were determined to overcome these challenges and, thus, built an all-in-one platform that eliminated the need for tedious app switching. The results were remarkable.

After analyzing the data, we found that a restoration company with a $3 million annual revenue and 20 employees can save an average of two hours per employee monthly when you multiply this by the number of employees and the $50 burdened rate, the cost savings amount to $2,000 per month, totaling $24,000 annually.

Our platform not only enhances efficiency but also provides substantial financial benefits. By optimizing productivity and streamlining operations, you can achieve significant cost savings. Significant cost savings.


To maintain speed and performance, restorers in the industry must focus on avoidance. Many restorers give away a significant portion of their bill to insurance companies, typically around 10 to 15%, due to inadequate documentation and the inability to justify their charges. Our platform, Albi, has consistently shown that compelling arguments against insurance companies can help users reclaim at least 2% of their bills. We offer a streamlined documentation process that includes equipment tracking powered by partners like Khi, a foolproof dry book tool, an easy-to-use photo tool, and our integrations with 3D imaging solutions, making it the best all-in-one solution for documenting billable items.

By using our platform, restorers can recover a significant portion of their revenue from disputes with insurance adjusters, customers, and other parties involved. For instance, if your annual revenue is around $3 million, winning back just 2% would be a $60,000 benefit. When you add this to the $192,000 of additional revenue you can generate and the $24,000 of time saved, the total value of using Abi becomes $276,000 annually. Although you might wonder if there’s a catch, our platform empowers you to confidently and efficiently manage your billing and documentation needs.


Let’s accurately assess the expenses associated with implementing Albi. Let’s exclude the lift and focus on the costs to achieve this. Consider a worst-case scenario for a $3 million organization with 20 employees to establish credibility. In this case, the monthly cost for Albi would be approximately $2000, totaling $24,000 annually. Additionally, there would be a one-time onboarding fee of $1500 to facilitate data integration.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider the time investment required for training. If we estimate 10 hours of training per employee for all 20 employees, with a $50 per hour burden rate, the training cost would be around $10,000. Considering all these factors, the total cost for the first year would be $35,500.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that this investment can yield a remarkable return for a restoration operation of $3 million with 20 employees. The return on investment with Albi is almost nine times, translating to $276,000. These numbers have been intentionally conservative. The price of Albi has been inflated, and most viewers won’t require 20 pro users at $100 each. Therefore, the actual cost may be even more affordable. Additionally, most users can easily surpass the projected 2% improvement.

Unmatched Return on Investment

In conclusion, the return on investment with Albi surpasses any other competitor or software solution. You can expect to generate at least nine additional dollars for every dollar you invest in Albi. We hope this has been informative and provided a clear understanding of the potential return on investment. Schedule a demo and see the difference!