Restoration Sales Playbook

Growing our restoration business, we have found that the secret to scaling in our market was restoration relationship marketing. While most of our competitors were going out and giving away mugs and candy, our relationship builders actually followed a process from the very beginning to acquire referrals.

Consultative Selling

Instead of regurgitating information on why your company is the best, try consulting the referral source into how they can utilize your company to help them grow!

Identifying Painpoints

A complete exercise that can help you better understand the problems insurance agents, plumbers, or property managers a facing and how you can position yourself as the solution!

Step-By-Step Plan

A step-by-step guide to succeeding in restoration relationship sales!

Restoration Relationship Sales

The smart restoration contractor's way of marketing

“You see, every salesperson/ marketer tends to go out and loves to RAVE about their product or service. “We’re the best, we’re top-rated, we offer this and this and this”. Instead of regurgitating all of these “bells and whistles”, the smart marketer identifies the pain points of the prospect and finds ways that their product or service helps solve the pain points of those prospects.” – Alex Duta, Co-Founder of Romexterra Fire and Water Restoration