Competitive Restoration Software Pricing!

 For less than the price of a phone bill! No contracts- month to month! We believe it is our responsibility to keep on innovating to keep you happy, not by locking you into a contract! Now that’s great restoration software pricing!

How much money does Albi save a restoration contractor?

How much money does Albi save a Restoration Contractor? When choosing a job management system, you should consider your goals and challenges. In this article, we review how Albi saves restoration businesses up to  $1100 per employee per month! Our restoration software pricing is well justified for how much it can save you!

Time tracking


$0.0/ mo


$30.0/ mo


$40.0 / mo

Adding time manually
Tracking time
Adding time manually
Tracking time
Adding time manually
Keyboard shortcuts
Time formats
Pomodoro timer

Everything you need to get started!

$60 / per user
  • Project Management
  • Full CRM
  • Project Documentation
  • Email Integration
  • Unlimited storage!
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Extra features for more advanced users

$100 / per user
  • Base package plus
  • Call tracking & Recording
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Advanced Permissions
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Custom pricing for larger companies (15+ users)

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We require a minimum $500 minimum contract, where you will receive 5 Pro users, and room to scale your business

Onboarding Options for all!

We make it easy for our customers to come on board! Choose from our basic training to white glove onboarding!

Albi White Glove Onboarding

Unlimited training and setup!

$1500.00 / one time
  • Unlimited training
  • Automations training
  • Custom phone setup
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customer Success Team
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Albi Automations
Albi Automations

We setup and manage all of your automations

$250.00 / mo
  • Automated emails & texts
  • Automated tasks
  • Custom sent post cards
  • Automated reminders
  • Managed automations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions we find!

Nope! The only other package we sell besides users is our automation package. This is an optional package. It's $250 a month.  Our team will build out all your automations for internal and external communications in addition to whatever else you can dream of!

This varies depending on company size, implementation preferences and how available your staff members are for training. We can onboard remotely or even in person. We believe every company is unique, and deserves of white-glove experience, and this is one of the first things we cover in your launch meeting.

We have a strict policy in not discussing any new products until they’re released. This way ensures Albi is the right fit for your company right now, and not in the future after we release something you were hoping for. We believe in under promising and over delivering, instead of the other way around. But we can assure you… were definitely working on some exciting new things

Our average response time is less than 7 minutes. We will work with you whenever you hire new staff to train them and get them ready to use Albi.

Since we have an open API we can connect with over 5000 apps. In addition we have some great partners from the industry with native integrations like Company Cam, Encircle, Eagle View, QuickBooks, just to name a few.

Our platform is the only product-focused, contractor-centric platform devoted to restoration. Our mission is to empower restoration contractors to embrace innovative technology by making it simple and accessible. We will achieve our mission through constant innovation and adding more value to our platform. Our product roadmap is created directly from our customers' feedback. 

Spend less time trying to get paid for jobs, and more time finishing jobs

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