Albi's Top 7 FAQs

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our restoration software.

Albi is restoration software made for restoration companies by restoration contractors. This is a short overview of what our customers tend to ask us to give you an idea about what Albi can do for your company. If you’re driving to your next project and don’t have time to read this, you can instead listen to an Account Executive answer these questions succinctly. For those wanting to learn more about the benefits, Albi can provide your restoration business; sign up for a free demo.

Top Restoration Software Questions, Answered

How much does Albi cost?

Albi’s is a user subscription-based model charged either monthly or annually. Your subscription price is based solely on the number of users your company has on the platform. Albi has two user levels – Pro and Base.  A Base user can access essential features like taking photos, sending documents for signature, moisture readings, timeclock, scheduling, project notes, and more. Anything essential for project completion. Except for BI Reporting, VoIP system, and Xactimate estimate uploads. Typically, Base users are production employees in the field, such as technicians. Each Base user is paid $60/month. Pro users have access to the BI Reporting, VoIP system, Xactimate estimate uploads, and the entire platform. One of these additional features is generally required for leadership, admin, or roles like a Project Manager. Pro users are employees who operate out of the office and cost $100/ per user. Additionally, our most basic contract serves five users, with a minimum amount of $500 per month, while we also offer enterprise pricing when a company has fifteen or more users.

Are there any hidden or additional charges?

In short, no, we believe in transparent pricing so that our customers understand exactly what they’ll pay each month. In other words, there’s no additional charge for documents, files, notes, photos, or anything else. Also, if you decide to leave Albi, we don’t even charge for data transfers to a new service.

How long does it take to onboard?

This will depend on numerous factors, including availability for training, company size, and onboarding preferences. Since we understand that each restoration business is unique, we tailor your onboarding experience with Albi to your company’s needs.

Can you tell us what you’re working on? Or tell us about the next release?

We have a rather strict policy of not mentioning unreleased functionalities as we don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver. Albi wants to serve your restoration company now, not at some future point, though we can say unequivocally that some really exciting things are happening on the horizon. We’re always working on innovating and creating the best software for your unique business needs. 

What is your support like?

Our average time from first contact to helping with a customer service request is under seven minutes.

What apps do you integrate with?

Albi works on an open API (application programming interface), which can integrate with several software applications. These include over five thousand apps on Zapier, along with industry-standard apps like the photo-sharing app CompanyCam, geospatial app Eagleview, Encircle for field documentation, QuickBooks for accounting, and many other native integrations built into Albi’s standard packages.

What makes Albi different?

Albi is the only restoration software platform focusing on the product and the contractor. We aim to make our innovative technology easy to use and accessible for restoration contractors. At Albi, we continue to innovate to add value for our customers, whose invaluable feedback we use to improve our product.