Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi
How does Dash Restoration Software compare against Albi?

Dash vs. Albiware: How to choose your best fit in 2023 Learn which software is a better for you and your team! When it comes to choosing your next CRM we know you’ve got options. We know that it’s important

The Reasons Why You’re Failing at Building a Door-to-Door Sales Team

So why does it feel like hiring good talent is an uphill battle? I think there are several mistakes we make as an industry. Here's what I did to build a successful sales team at an 8-figure storm restoration company.

7 Reasons Why a Homeowner Won’t Sign Your Paperwork

7 Reasons Why a Homeowner Won’t Sign Your Paperwork Are you or your sales reps finding yourselves doing many property inspections, but the homeowners are getting cold feet when you bust out your paperwork? Check out this guide below on

5 Common Phrases & Mistakes D2D Reps Need to Avoid

In door-to-door (D2D) storm sales, the first impression is everything. It's important to say the right things, but you should also consider what you shouldn't say.

My Journey in the Restoration Industry:

It's been over a month since I inked my offer letter from Albiware.

10 Common Objections for Storm Restoration & Answers
Top 10 Objections Keeping You From Closing the Deal!

Objections are part of every salesperson's life, and door-to-door is no exception. I would even argue that in D2D they are even more prevalent. Interrupting someone's day, it turns out, can be an objection in and of itself!

The Importance of Protecting Your Data

The Importance of Protecting Your Data Over the years, data has become more valuable, specifically your data. When we watch the news, we often hear horror stories regarding personal data being stolen, disseminated, and compromised. Have you ever wondered why

Complete Pitch Guide Storm Restoration Roofing
A Guide to Always Win Door-to-Door Restoration Roofing Sales

3 Keys for Selling Storm Restoration Roofs: A complete pitch guide This is my guide on how to effectively sign contracts/contingencies on the same day you meet a homeowner. In my career, I closed 80% of my clients on my

Implementing Growth Stacking to Your Everyday Business

Founder and CEO Alex Duta gives a detailed breakdown of how to help elevate your business by implementing growth stacking, it's a concept that if done correctly you can see results on a weekly basis.

From TV News Reporter to Working for a Restoration Technology Startup : A Modern Day Love Story

A MODERN DAY LOVE STORY: From TV News Reporter > Restoration Tech Startup If someone asked me today to describe what I do for a living in a simple way, I would say, “I work for an industry that repairs

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