Top 3 Reasons Restorers Struggle to Implement Software

Why most restorers can’t take off with the current software they have.

struggle to implement software

It’s one of the most prevalent paradigms we hear from restorers like you who’ve recently switched software. One of the most typical responses we hear you say is, “Your software sounds wonderful, and it could really help our company – but we already switched software a year ago, and we aren’t using it to its full potential yet. So we want to see what our current software is capable of.”

A few months later, I would hear back from those same restorers telling me they were now open to listening to what Albi had to offer. By having these conversations with those restorers, I’ve narrowed down the three main reasons why most restorers can’t take off with the current software they have.

1. Overwhelmed with Jobs

Hold the phone! Do you mean to tell us that the software you chose and spent a ton of money on to onboard still isn’t fully operational?! Yes – it’s entirely possible that you got too busy to meet with the people from the nice software company you chose, but let us ask you this – shouldn’t software be intuitive enough for you to hit the ground running after just a little bit of training? Why should you need six months or more to become proficient in a system you run your entire business on?

In our estimation, the whole point of easy-to-use software is to streamline your job flow and allow you or your management team to breathe a sigh of relief. Albi can help you Restore More; Stress less.

2. Oversold Software That Doesn’t Deliver

Speaking of trauma, have you been oversold by a software salesperson who over-promised its functionality? Did they get your time and money invested into their product only to leave you flying in the wind?

At Albi, many of us are former restorers who have had the same experience with restoration software. Our promise to you is never to oversell our functionality. We will tell you our strong points and our weak ones.

It’s really frustrating to get locked into a contract with a software company that doesn’t deliver on its promise. Our CEO Alex Duta experienced this firsthand with a large player in the restoration space, which inspired him to create Albi in the first place. We don’t want to lock you into anything, so we’re month to month.

3. Confusing and Convoluted Onboarding Process

With Albi, you can customize your onboarding process based on your learning style and available time. Let’s face it: onboarding software sucks. We’re not going to beat around the bush here, it’s a time-consuming process, and at certain points, you probably will want to just hit the ground running with our software. In our experience, most users can be “power users” after just three onboarding meetings or about 3 hours of training. It sure beats the heck out of 6 months, and wondering what your software can do, doesn’t it?

What you can look forward to when you become a power user:
  • Advanced analytics and KPIs customized to your business for visibility across the organization

  • Seamless processes paired with field documentation tools will get you the info you need to get paid faster

  • Improve your turn-on receivables

  • The ability to onboard new team members quickly (btw – did we mention we will train your new staff for you if you prefer?)

When you watch a training video, do you ever have follow-up questions and can’t get them answered? By using Albi, you can get all the answers you need by talking to an actual human being.

If you feel like Albi could be a good fit for you and want to learn more about our all-in-one job management platform, you can use the link below to book a demo with one of our product specialists.

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