Xcelerate Restoration Software vs Albi?

How these two platforms stack up against each other - Jobs view, dashboards, setting KPIs, customizability, and pricing

Albi vs Xcelerate

While other comparisons may have been a “no-brainer” and easy to distinguish the differences, this comparison is by far very close. 

Both Xcelerate and Albi have been founded by restorers who have tried other software and were unhappy with the status quo., Let’s dive into “How does Xcelerate Restoration Software stack up against Albi?” and who they are the best fit for.

Xcelerate Pros Over Albi

Master Jobs View

Xcelerate does a good job of combining different job files into a master job file, centralizing the information across all jobs pertaining to one client. Most restoration companies often run across a water mitigation job needing contents and build back. Albi doesn’t have projects linked together, however, has a project clone tool that copies project information from one project to another. 

In Job Dashboard with Heavy KPIs

Xcelerate project files with KPI reporting is genius! A quick scan over a project file gives you the ability to easily tell what metrics are being hit on the project file. The only problem with this is that you have to use their preset job statuses and KPIs for this to work.

Albi Pros Over Xcelerate


Albi is fully customizable while Xcelerate offers very little customization of their software. Albi’s CTO Shamoil Soni can tell you just how hard building a highly customizable software is and the difficult task it takes to support it. 
Albi is best for companies that have different workflows and metrics that they need to track.


Albi has a full voice-over IP solution that records phone calls, transcribes them, and assigns them to the job file. This reduces the number of keystrokes necessary to deliver the same result and makes job documentation almost bulletproof. 

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Albi is $60 per user per month for basic and $100 per every pro user. With Albi, there is no yearly contract. Basic onboarding is free, but you can also consider Pro onboarding for $1500.  Xcelerate is $50 for the base and $85 for pro with yearly contracts. Onboarding is mandatory and $1500. 


Albi may be a better option for those who don’t need advanced onboarding and aren’t looking for a yearly contract in “How does Xcelerate Restoration Software stack up to Albi?”. Prices are similar, but Albi might be a better option for those who are looking for a yearly contract and don’t need advanced onboarding.

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